Spa Day For The Seasonal Transition

We were so fortunate to spend some lovely time outside enjoying fantastic weather and the company of some very special ladies. We shared what it means to our minds, bodies and emotions to transition between this very potent seasonal shift- Summer to Autumn. We all had more than one ah-ha moment along with some surprise realizations (donuts, anyone?) and a lot of laughs. We enjoyed some time learning about and smelling a selection of essential oils perfect for this time of year. The ladies became creators as they made custom Oat Tea Baths with fresh eucalyptus, lavender, rose petals and essential oils. We also experienced the nourishing effects of our Autumn Body oil, which they also customized with essential oil blends. We ended the day with a lovely take home treat of Nasya oil, a personalized facial steam and a seasonal spritz made from freshly juiced ginger and orange. Oh, and what may have been the highlight… raw brownie balls dipped in chocolate. It was a truly revitalizing day with community, pampering and a renewed commitment to self-love.